Clinical pilates, conscious training method.

At ReSport we help you improve and maintain your physical condition through an individual adaptation as well as the transfer of the main Pilates exercises to a therapeutic environment.


Pelvic floor care and its functionality.

Knowing the main functions of the pelvic floor helps us become aware of its importance and the need to train this area. We are committed to hypopressive work and specific techniques that help us with its care.

Learn about all the benefits of hypopressive exercises.


Helps with urinary incontinence in female athletes.

The practice of any sport generates an excess of intra-abdominal pressure, and this pressure must be correctly managed by the responsible muscles to avoid the weakening of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor.

We offer you exercises that compensate for excess intra-abdominal pressure in order to stop its possible consequences.

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More efficient respiratory and postural muscles.

The practice of each exercise helps with the integration of a new postural pattern, which improves the muscles responsible for a correct body position. In addition, the hypopressive technique stimulates the activation of the respiratory muscles, making them more efficient, and therefore, increasing the sports performance.

At ReSport we work with hypopressive techniques that will help you train your posture and breathing.

We invite you to discover this training and all its benefits.


Facilitates postpartum recovery.

Strengthening the abdominal girdle, buttocks and pelvic floor after childbirth is essential if your goal is to return to your daily routine and resume your sports practice in a progressive and safe way.

At ReSport we apply different methods that are necessary to facilitate your postpartum recovery, always under the supervision of your obstetrician or gynaecologist.

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Pelvic floor dysfunctions in men due to cycling.

The practice of high intensity cycling can have a negative impact on the functions of the pelvic floor in men, referring to symptoms of the urinary tract, erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

At ReSport we invite you, not only to seek strategies that reduce the pressure in the perineum and thus reduce the numbness of the genitals, but also to include a non-pressive compensatory training that facilitates blood flow and oxygenation of the genital area.

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No hace falta ser deportista para ponerte en manos de ReSport. El trato es extraordinario y la atención personalizada. Muy recomendable.


ReSport ha sido lo mejor que le ha podido pasar a Alexis después de un año visitando diferentes traumas y sin darle ninguna solución a su problema.Dar las gracias a…

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I'm so glad I found this place! When I went there I could barely wall & we started right away with phisio - the exercises they give are unique (&…

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Centro para fisioterapia y rehabilitación muy 🔝🔝🔝, ideal para gente que practica deporte a diario. Además de curar lesiones, también puedes entrenar y aprender de tu cuerpo. Son súper profesionales.…

Mercè Solé

Centro para fisioterapia y rehabilitación muy 🔝🔝🔝, ideal para gente que practica deporte a diario. Además de curar lesiones, también puedes entrenar y aprender de tu cuerpo. Son súper profesionales.…

Mercè Solé

Super recomendable, @brunooliveiracoach mi fisioterapeuta y entrenador personal es un 10 como profesional y si se puede mejor persona. Instalaciones nuevas, limpias y con super buena energía, no solo se…

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Ideal para deportistas y para los que no lo somos, en pocos días ya he notado una muy buena recuperación.Lo que mas me ha gustado es el trato recibido por…

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Llegué a Resport Clínic con una capsulitis adhesiva en mi hombro izquierdo y, con el tratamiento médico y de fisioterapia recibidos, a parte del trabajo individual, he conseguido recuperarme.La profesionalidad…

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Muy contento por el trato recibido, grandes profesionales. Muchos años confiando en el Dr. Ferran Abad, en sus diagnosticos y tratamientos. Soy de Castellón y no dudo en desplazarme cuando…

Vicente Calvo

Mucha profesionalidad, dedicación y pasión por la salud y la actividad física. Un gran soporte durante el proceso de recuperación de mi lesion.

Marc Torrella


We work to ensure that professional or amateur athletes quickly return to sports after an injury due to overuse or trauma.

Enjoy the sport again by asking for information or booking your appointment now.

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